seeing the potential

providing higher education opportunities internationally

Seeing what we see

KOKINOO is based on decades of pedagogy expertise from Europe

We at KOKINOO Education Group see the great potential in our youngest – the next generation. We believe that there are no boundaries for learning opportunities and that we will provide ways to reach out to children and their parents internationally, assisting with school placements locally and globally. We believe in beneficial opportunities through international networks and the combined strength of scholarly expertise. We seek to establish places of learning where children are able to see the future and believe in making a difference in the world of today and tomorrow. Our places of learning are equipped with the best and ideal tools for learning.

Unsere Champions Family

The family of Our Champions as carriers includes, on the one hand, other facilities under different brand names, as well as other independent facility groups that operate autonomously. Here you can access the websites of these different facilities…

Please note that all of these websites are written in German.

  Building the generation of tomorrow