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European Education group based on European investment group

Our Success Rate

KOKINOO is founded on strong roots in Europe


With over 40 daycare units in France over a 20 year period, with over 30 units in Germany and over 10 units in Switzerland, KOKINOO comes from a long line of scuccessful education companies based in Europe. The founder of KOKINOO is Korean and has brought the European education success story to South Korea several years ago. The owners of KOKINOO are French and German companies who expand internationally through the KOKINOO Education Group.

Our Philosophy

KOKINOO is a healthy mix

We provide the children with the best possible physical and emotional environment. Our educative activities reflect our desire to provide a family ambiance. Children, parents and care teams meet in warm, welcoming environments, which include activities favorable to their development.

All our activities are created based on a sustainable approach with respect for the environment. We guarantee healthy day cares in which children are raised in a natural environment whilst looking to reduce our ecological footprint.

The well-being of our KOKINOO employees is developped on social equality within the basic value of sustainable development. We give our teams the opportunity to bring new ideas, allowing them to reach their maximum potential.

Unsere Champions Family

The family of Our Champions as carriers includes, on the one hand, other facilities under different brand names, as well as other independent facility groups that operate autonomously. Here you can access the websites of these different facilities…

Please note that all of these websites are written in German.

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