Providing your children with an international education

PreSchool and Elementary

KOKINOO provides continued education

Besides the first months and years of your child’s early development in our daycare we continue to provide international education by our excellent preschool and elementary level schooling for the ages 6 to 10. Since the child has grown with and through our caring pedagogy system it is familiar with our structure and philosophy. A smooth transition will make it easy for the child to enter our EduCare Program of elemtary school level. In those years we provide an internatioanl education with continued options to access higher education abroad.

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The Education Companion


Ages 0-6


Ages 6-10


Ages 10-19


Ages 19-25

Unsere Champions Family

The family of Our Champions as carriers includes, on the one hand, other facilities under different brand names, as well as other independent facility groups that operate autonomously. Here you can access the websites of these different facilities…

Please note that all of these websites are written in German.

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