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Kindergarten and daycare

KOKINOO provides European Pedagogy

The smallest of children benefit from our DayCare in dedicated open spaces within the structure, thanks to glazed partitions. In an environment of cushions, swing sets and wooden toys, deckchairs and hammocks, the children bask in soothing surroundings which ensure freedom from stress, calm and relaxation. Our ativities are organized according to the child’s psychomotor development and they affect sensory awakening, global and emerging motor function, language and cognitive development. The child is accompanied, encouraged and developed throughout his learning. We form life groups according to the child’s age, needs and abilities.

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KOKINOO Pedagogy Principles


To facilitate separation of child from parents


To respect, nothing is compulsory


To accompany, encourage and develop


To affect awakening, motor functions, language


To ensure freedom from stress


To ensure emotional and physical health

Unsere Champions Family

The family of Our Champions as carriers includes, on the one hand, other facilities under different brand names, as well as other independent facility groups that operate autonomously. Here you can access the websites of these different facilities…

Please note that all of these websites are written in German.

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