Providing the ideal education


International experienced education group with proven European pedagogy concepts to provide the ideal learning place for your children




Find out more about our daycare units with international staff for kids the ages 0-6 years. All our units have the highest standards and quality environment based on European pedagogy and design.


Get to know our elite education units we call “EduCare” for the school children ages 6-12. All units have international staff and provide an ideal learning atmosphere for higher learning.

International Education Bridge

With experience of over 40 daycare units in France and over 30 current education units in Germany and Switzerland we have international ties to a larger community of learning organisations.

We also take care of your school children when it comes to higher education by providing secure positions in international boarding and elite IB-schools in Europe.

Get in touch with us and we provide you with all needed information in order to secure your child’s educational path to higher learning and cultural sophistication.

Scholastic empowerment …


Scholastic preparation for each child opens new horizons for them and lets them grow in a culturally European environment.

Whether the entry level or the mature level, both levels provide ample opportunities for higher learning. The main skills set in the curriculum for the children consist of productive and receptive skills. The course program for the classes contains subjects like mathematics, science, history, geography, social sciences, arts, music, sports, games and languages like French and German.


More than just a nursery …


The smallest of children benefit from the crèche in dedicated open spaces within the structure, thanks to glazed partitions. In an environment of cushions, swing sets and wooden toys, deckchairs and hammocks, the children bask in soothing surroundings which ensure freedom from stress, calm and relaxation.

Activities are organized according to the child’s psychomotoric development. Our activities affect sensory awakening, global and emerging motor function, language and cognitive development.

Everything is done to ensure the emotional and physical security of the child. In this regard, we prefer to use high-quality, healthy and ecological materials from floor to ceiling.


Unsere Champions Family

The family of Our Champions as carriers includes, on the one hand, other facilities under different brand names, as well as other independent facility groups that operate autonomously. Here you can access the websites of these different facilities…

Please note that all of these websites are written in German.

A secure scholastic environment for your children

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WE provide well-trained staff

All our staff has high family values

We show high sense of responsibility

Our staff is international

we have a spirit of world education

Awards of Excellency …

Within our international education group we hold several renowned awards for various areas of excellency.


Prize for best ecological company recognized


Prize for management of nature and respect for the environment


Chosen as the best company in the North of France


One of the worlds best ecological kindergartens in 2012 by N.H.K TV in Japan.


Best employer midsize segment recognized in Germany


Best employer midsize segment recognized in Germany




Even though we provide care and eduction for children ages 0-12 with our DayCare program and our EduCare program we are aware that the learning span goes well beyond those years.

That’s why we are considering ourselves the Learning Bridge to Higher Learning in Europe. We are part of a larger international network of boarding schools and elite IB-Schools. With those renowned schools in our world family we can provide you with the higher education of children ages 12-19 and even assist you with placement on international colleges and universities.

Get in touch with us, we are there for you to counsel and advise you in organizing the scholastic future of your precious children.